Rake Task Omniauth Identity + carrierwave

I often use rake db:populate in development mode to populate my database with random data. It’s a useful too to test your website and see how it would look like when you have a lot of users. It’s also extremely useful for testing paginations. On Railsview.com I build a script that auto generate random user using the Omniauth Identity gem and then generate random user’s theme that each have an image using the carrierwave gem.

namespace :db do
require ‘Faker’
require ‘omniauth’
desc “Fill database with sample data”
task :populate => :environment do

def make_users

20.times do |n|
name = Faker::Name.name
email = “test-#{n+1}@test.com”
password = “password”

# CREATE USERS: Populate the database with random users
Identity.create! do |user|
user.name = name
user.email = email
user.password_digest = BCrypt::Password.create(password)

hash = OmniAuth::AuthHash.new(
:info => {
:name => name,
:email => email,

user = User.create_from_omniauth(hash)

# CREATE THEMES: Populate the database with random themes that each users own.
theme = user.themes.new
@uploader = ImageUploader.new(theme, :image)

2.times do |a|
theme = user.themes.create!(
:title => “#{a}Capadona#{n+1}”,
:image => @uploader,
:price => rand(1..100),
:description => “lorem ipsum efeeffaf”


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