Monthly Archives: July 2011

Nested Ressources

Making association and link with path sound easy, but I’ve found doing it pretty complex. I had an hard time understanding nesting resources. Many tutorial assume that it is easy to grasp and assume that you’ve already a good understandings of how routes work on rails but I found this part pretty challenging. Here a few references that I found very helpful to understand those concepts.

– Rails for Zombies , many people suggest this tutorial to get onto rails but I would suggest Michael Harlt book then The Pragmatic Agile Developer to get onto Rails and once you got a good grasp of those concept to watch Rails for Zombies to see if you fully understood the concepts.

– The Ruby on Rails Guide was very helpful guide to get onto the basic concept of nested resources after you are making association but honestly it didn’t really help me to fully grasp the subject.

 The {Buckblog :here}  Good, especially for understanding path and url in rails.

– [Book] “The Rails 3 Way” is absolutely a great reference for understanding many concept of Rails and the architecture of your app folder and how methods works. Definitely buy this book and put it right next to your keyboard as a reference book

Hope you find these list helpful, feel free to comment with more links.